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Differentiated Value: Your Strengths Unleashed

When meeting someone for the first time and they ask, "What do you do?" how do you articulate your role in a manner that differentiates you from others in your profession?


Having a concise and authentic response that accurately captures your individual strengths and your firm's differentiated value is crucial. This key factor is a dynamic asset in expanding your network, attracting prospective clients, and catalysing career advancement.

Workshop Aim

This interactive and impactful half-day workshop will empower you to:
Identify and clearly communicate your compelling value message to pave the way for personal development and more consistent practice growth.

A group learning together


During this workshop you will:

  • Understand your individual and colleagues’ strengths and compelling value to maximise your potential and firm’s business results.

  • Craft your authentic and compelling value message that not only distinguishes you but also fosters stronger relationships and helps you to uncover new business opportunities.

  • Delve into a variety of tools and models to gain a deeper insight into your and your colleagues' strengths, fostering efficient collaboration and enhancing both team dynamics and client engagement.


  • In-person and online formats to accommodate various learning preferences and logistical needs.

  • Individual strengths assessment to be completed prior to the workshop.

  • Experiential process to improve individual and group learning outcomes.

  • Optional follow-up Application Coaching for individuals and teams to put learning into practice.


  • Senior Partners

  • Partners

  • Managers

  • Marketing Leaders & Teams

  • Associates

  • Client-facing professionals

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