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Transforming Client Meetings for Maximum Impact

As you navigate the competitive terrain of professional services, every meeting with potential and existing clients becomes a critical touchpoint. 

The "Transforming Client Meetings for Maximum Impact" workshop equips participants with the skills and strategies to make every client meeting impactful, value-adding, and result-oriented.

Workshop Aim

The workshop aims to enhance the effectiveness of every meeting with existing and potential clients. You will build on your discovery skills and explore best practices to maximise the value your clients and prospects derive from your time together. You will learn to explore broader and unmet client needs and stand out from your competitors.

A group learning together in discussion


  • Explore powerful best practices to maximise the value your client or prospect gains from the meeting.

  • Re-visit discovery skills learned from Coaching Conversations to explore broader and unmet client needs, differentiating yourself in a competitive marketplace.

  • Learn how to establish sensible commitments and next steps in a non-pressurised manner.

  • Develop effective follow-up strategies to maintain momentum and nurture client relationships.

  • Understand the appropriate use of an agenda to optimise time spent with existing and potential clients.


  • In-person and online formats to accommodate various learning preferences and logistical needs.

  • Expert guidance with practical exercises to enhance both individual and group learning outcomes. 

  • Optional follow-up Application Coaching for individuals and teams to put learning into practice.


  • Senior Partners

  • Partners

  • Managers

  • Marketing Leaders & Teams

  • Associates

  • Client-facing professionals

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