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About Us

Our Founding Journey

Practice Edge, a unique endeavor by Jonathan Lancaster and Jim Irving, champions human potential, empowering professional firms to unlock unparalleled growth. Our philosophy intertwines hands-on experience and expert guidance, fostering both personal and professional development. Born from in-depth industry research and a keen observation of unmet needs, our approach is designed to nurture your team's talents and fuel your success story. Explore our journey and approach in this section.

How it Began

Jonathan Lancaster and Jim Irving crossed paths for the first time in 2009 when they both served at Bluechip Technologies, with Jim taking up the mantle as the Managing Director. Jim had previously tasted immense success in the corporate world and was now branching out to lend his expertise to start-ups and smaller enterprises. Concurrently, Jonathan was making waves as a prolific business developer, demonstrating unparalleled acumen in driving revenue growth, and taking on progressively complex commercial roles.

Even as their career paths diverged from Bluechip, the bond between Jim and Jonathan only grew stronger. Jim transitioned into working with various start-ups, authored a highly acclaimed business book, and spearheaded international sales training initiatives. On the other hand, Jonathan broadened his horizon into public sector software with Kainos plc and, later on, with his management consultancy aimed at bolstering SMEs and professional firms.


The Dawn of a New Era

Navigating through their respective business environments, both Jonathan and Jim started witnessing a shared observation - a pressing, unfulfilled need and an escalating challenge within the professional services sector. This insight sparked a collaboration in early 2020, where they conducted comprehensive interviews across professional services and undertook an exhaustive secondary research process.

Their in-depth dialogues with industry frontrunners - some of whom are now their advisors - paved the way for Jonathan and Jim to shape a unique proposition. After investing countless hours and intense dedication into their shared vision, they proudly introduced Practice Edge to the world.

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