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Here you will find an overview of our coaching services and support that could help unlock potential in your leaders and teams for superior performance and results.

The right coaching approach has the power to transform individuals and teams when delivered in the proper context and as part of a broader learning and development programme aligned with the business goals.

Explore our coaching approach here, or contact us to discuss your specific requirements and how we could support you.

Coaching Approach

Our expert coaches specialise in empowering leaders within organisations to overcome their most pressing challenges. Through this, they have acquired profound insights into the complex business landscapes in which leaders and their teams must excel.

Clients frequently choose to collaborate with our coaches, owing to their holistic approach and their skill in working with individuals and teams at a deep psychological and developmental level. Our methodology is anchored in Integral Coaching, which fosters clients' self-awareness and understanding of their impact on others.

The Integral approach broadens leaders' perspectives in their specific situations, enabling them to comprehend the 'whole' system and themselves more fully. We have found this empowers individuals to influence various cultural dimensions effectively to boost results.

Business meeting
Coaching Membership and Accreditations include:

Treena Clarke,

Head of Marketing & Events

Harbinson Mulholland Chartered Accountants

"Our commitment is to continuously develop our people. The program from Practice Edge was specifically designed for our fee earners who directly engage with prospects and existing clients. The training focussed entirely on our fee earners as they engage one-to-one with prospects or discuss new opportunities with existing clients. Feedback from our team was exceptional. Practice Edge facilitated workshops and discussion groups to help us improve our commercial outreach and proposal documents for the future."

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