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How it Began...

Jonathan Lancaster and Jim Irving first met in 2009 when Bluechip Technologies appointed Jim as Managing Director. Jim had enjoyed a highly successful corporate career and was moving into helping start-ups and smaller businesses. Jonathan had achieved outstanding success in growing revenue as a professional business developer and was moving into ever more complex commercial roles.

Jim and Jonathan kept in touch actively, as each moved on after Bluechip. Jim moved to work with more start-ups; writing his first, highly successful business book and running sales training programmes internationally.  Jonathan entered the world of public sector high-end software and complex professional services with Kainos and then latterly with his management consultancy.

A New Era...

Independently and in their business spheres, both Jonathan and Jim began to see evidence of an unmet need and a growing challenge in the professional services sector across the island of Ireland.  In early 2020 they joined forces and carried out extensive cross-sector interviews and secondary research. Detailed conversations with leading professionals (some of whom now act as advisors) enabled Jim and Jonathan to create a unique offering. At the end of that long process, Practice Edge was born.

Jonathan Lancaster

Jim Irving

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